Instructions - How to Get Your Affiliate Links

WARNING: Your affiliate link that you use during your promotion needs to contain an affiliate id number to receive credit for traffic that you send to our site. Each promotion whether it is a sales page, or an opt-in page has a SEPARATE link that you should use to promote each offer.  The link found for each offer contains a number that is DIFFERENT from your main affiliate ID.  This link is correct and ready to use without the need for any additional editing.  See below for instructions of how to retrieve your links.

NOTE: You are automatically entered in any relevant contest provided you use the correct link each time you promote.

Make sure your link looks like something this:
<A HREF="">April 2011 LNC DVD Launch - Video #1</A>

If you just want the link and don't need the HTML embed code then just copy the link only.
Your link will then look like this:

NOTE: Your actual links will have a number specific to your affiliate account for that specific offer --XXXXXXX is used as an example only.

Make sure your link DOES NOT look like this:


1. Sign up as an affiliate using this link (if you haven't already done so):

2. Once I approve your account in the system you will then receive an email with the confirmation and log-in instructions. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

3. Log into your Account at:

4. At the top under the Longevity header, you will see Links & Tools tab:
1SC Links and Tootls

5. Once you click on Links & Tools it will be bring you to this screen:

Click on Text Links (in between Email and Banners)

1SC Links and Tootls

6. For some links you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Next" to find the link you are looking for.

NOTE: The link to promote the DVD's of the April 2011 Longevity Now Conference is called: "April 2011 LNC DVD Launch - Video #1" which is currently on the first page.

7. Once you click Text Links, scroll down until you find the appropriate offer you will be promoting. DO NOT take the URL in the gray box that is listed between Media and Name/Desc. this does not contain an affiliate ID and you will not receive credit for traffic sent to this website. In the screenshot below, the INCORRECT link is http:/ The correct link is circled below.
1SC Text Link Details

***Each link is directly pointed to an individual offer so be sure that you DO NOT use the general default link or standard link. This link will change depending on the offer.

Remember additional information such as email copy, banners, contest information and mailing dates can be found at

8. As new promotions or launch details become available, we will be sending emails to you so please enter an email address that you check regularly. ***Also your payment information, address, phone number should be the mailing address where you would like to receive your affiliate commissions check and also can receive physical products.



























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